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    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 南京工业大学 王震 陈建平 Journal of the American Chemical Society Ag-Catalyzed Chemoselective Decarboxylative Mono- and gem-Difluorination of Malonic Acid Derivatives
    四川大学 虞志乾 高戈 游劲松 ACS Catalysis Ir-Catalyzed Cascade C−H Fusion of Aldoxime Ethers
    and Heteroarenes: Scope and Mechanisms
    南开大学 韩洁莲 赵东兵 ACS Catal C(sp3)−H Bond Arylation and Amidation of Si-Bound Methyl Group via Directing Group Strategy
    华南理工大学 曹文霞 Rongrong Hu J. Am. Chem. Soc. Economic Sulfur Conversion to Functional Polythioami des through Catalyst-Free Multicomponent Polymeriza tions of Sulfur, Acids, and Amines
    西安交通大学 李国平 闫晓宇 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Electrochromic Poly(chalcogenoviologen)s as Anode M aterials for High-Performance Organic Radical Lithium -Ion Batteries
    南开大学 韩洁莲 赵东兵 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Divergent Synthesis of Vinyl‐, Benzyl‐, and Borylsilanes: Aryl to Alkyl 1,5‐Palladium Migration/Coupling Sequenc es
    东北师范大学 于广莉 朱广山 邹小勤 Advanced Materials Constructing connected paths between UiO-66 and PI M-1 to improve membrane CO2 separation with crystal -like gas selectivity
    上海大学 王飞 Jonathan L. Sessler J. Am. Chem. Soc. Self-Assembled Cagelike Receptor That Binds Biologic ally Relevant Dicarboxylic Acids via Proton-Coupled An ion Recognition
    III区优秀论文 华南理工大学 黄乐滔 高蒙 唐本忠 Chemical Conmmunications Dual detection of bioaccumulated Hg2+ based on lumi nescent bacteria and aggregation-induced emission
    中国人民大学 赵亮亮 Gang He organic letters Ruthenium-Catalyzed ortho- and meta- H/D Exchang e of Arenes
    上海大学 王飞 Jonathan L. Sessler Chemical Communications Shape-persistent pyrrole-based covalent organic cage s: synthesis, structure and selective gas adsorption pro perties
    上海大学 王飞 Jonathan L. Sessler Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines Dipyrrolylnaphthyridine-based Schiff-base cryptands and their selective gas adsorption properties


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 中山大学 梁耀宇 赵晓丹 ACS Catalysis Enantioselective Construction of Chiral Sulfides via Cat alytic Electrophilic Azidothiolation and Oxythiolation of N-Allyl Sulfonamides
    复旦大学 魏鹏 易涛 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Release of Amino- or Carboxy-Containing Compounds Triggered by HOCl: Application for Imaging and Drug D esign
    南开大学 秦鹰 赵东兵 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Ring Expansion to 6-, 7-, and 8-Membered Benzosilac ycles through Strain-Release Silicon-based Cross-Cou pling
    四川大学 张敏 杨宇东 游劲松 ACS Catalysis F+ Reagent-Promoted Pd-Catalyzed C7-H Arylation of 1‑Naphthamides
    南京工业大学 唐海军 冯超 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Visible-Light-Assisted Gold-Catalyzed Fluoroarylation of Allenoates
    III区优秀论文 上海交通大学 赵灿 张勇健 ORGANIC LETTERS Enantioselective Synthesis of Isoxazoline N‑Oxides via Pd-Catalyzed Asymmetric Allylic Cycloaddition of Nitro -Containing Allylic Carbonates
    华南理工大学 李白雪 Anjun Qin Ben Zhong Tang Polymer Chemistry Metal-free polycycloaddition of aldehyde-activated int ernal diynes and diazides toward post-functionalizable poly(formyl-1,2,3-triazole)s


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    I区优秀论文 吉林大学 王宇洋 张晓安、张宇模 Nature Materials A multicolour bistable electronic shelf label based on intramolecular proton-coupled electron transfer
    II区优秀论文 华东师范大学 韩杰 张俊良 ACS Catalysis Design and Synthesis of WJ-Phos, and Application in Cu-Catalyzed Enantioselective Boroacylation of 1,1-Disubstituted Allenes
    中国科学院兰州化学物理研究所研究所 曹彦伟 何林 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Amine-Responsive Disassembly of AuI–CuI Double Salts for Oxidative Carbonylation
    西安交通大学 占苗 李鹏飞 Nature Communications A unified approach for divergent synthesis of contiguous stereodiads employing a small boronyl group
    吉林大学 杜佳慧 张晓安,盛兰 Materials Horizons Simple and general platform for highly adjustable thermochromic fluorescent materials and multifeasible applications
    III区优秀论文 南京工业大学 张玉峰 冯超 Chemical Science "Selective C−F Bond Carboxylation of gem-Difluoroalkenes with CO2 by Photoredox/Palladium Dual Catalysis
    南京大学 刘雨风 魏辉 Analytical Chemistry Light-Responsive Metal−Organic Framework as an Oxidase Mimic for Cellular Glutathione Detection
    华东师范大学 姚腾飞 刘路、张俊良 Organic Letters Copper-Catalyzed Chemodivergent Cyclization of N-(ortho-alkynyl)aryl-Pyrrole and Indoles


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 大连理工大学 万招钱 吕小兵 Journal of the American Chemical Society Comprehensive Understanding of Polyester Stereocomplexation
    中国科学技术大学 任世超 汪义丰 Nature Communcation Regioselective radical α-borylation of α,β-unsaturated carbonyl compounds for direct synthesis of α-borylcarbonyl molecules
    华南理工大学 黄熙贤 朱能武 Chemical Engineering Journal Enhanced heterogeneous photo-Fenton catalytic degradation of tetracycline over yCeO2/Fh composites: Performance, degradation pathways, Fe2+ regeneration and mechanism
    浙江大学 张金泉 邹宏斌 ACS catalysis Versatile Regioselective Deuteration of Indoles via Transition-Metal-Catalyzed H/D Exchange
    东华大学 张金泉 储玲玲 Journal of the American Chemical Society Enantioselective Three-Component Fluoroalkylarylation of Unactivated Olefins through Nickel-Catalyzed Cross-Electrophile Coupling
    中国科学院长春应用化学研究所 梁邦 苏朝晖 Chemical Engineering Journal Salt-responsive polyzwitterion brushes conjugated with silver nanoparticles:preparation and dual antimicrobial/release properties
    中国科学技术大学 王涛 张学鹏/孙翔/张国庆 Advanced Materials Aggregation-Induced Dual-Phosphorescence from Organic Molecules for Nondoped Organic Light-emtting diodes
    华南理工大学 宋波 秦安军,唐本忠 Advanced Science Site-Selective, Multistep Functionalizations of CO2-Based Hyperbranched Poly(alkynoate)s toward Functional Polymetric Materials
    北京化工大学 俞丙然 俞丙然、刘尊敬、徐福建 Small Oxidation-Responsive Nanoassemblies for Light-Enhanced Gene Therapy
    北京化工大学 许晨 俞丙然、徐福建 Biomaterials Genetically multimodal therapy mediated by one polysaccharides-based supramolecular nanosystem
    北京理工大学 王航 王博,冯霄 Nature Communications Membrane adsorbers with ultrahigh metal-organic framework loading for high flux separations
    兰州大学 张建武 韩丙 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Deconstructive Oxygenation of Unstrained Cycloalkanamines
    青岛科技大学 牟雪璐尔 周现锋,李志波 Advanced Materials Supramolecular Nanodiscs Self-Assembled from Non-Ionic Heptamethine Cyanine for Imaging-Guided Cancer Photothermal Therapy
    南京大学 刘雨风 魏辉 Sciencce Advances Integrated cascade nanozyme catalyzes in vivo ROS scavenging for anti-inflammatory therapy
    III区优秀论文 华东师范大学 姚腾飞 刘路、张俊良 Organic Letters Palladium-Catalyzed Intermolecular Heck-Type Dearomative [4 + 2] Annulation of 2H‑Isoindole Derivatives with Internal Alkynes
    沈阳师范大学 刘书扬 杨晓博,徐浩,于吉攀 Green Chemistry Visible-light-induced tandem radical addition-cyclization of 2-aryl phenyl isocyanides catalysed by recyclable covalent organic frameworks
    东华大学 李欢 Lingling Chu Chem. Sci. Sequential C–O decarboxylative vinylation/C–Harylation of cyclic oxalatesviaa nickel-catalyzedmulticomponent radical cascade
    东华大学 郭磊 Lingling Chu Org.Lett. Selective, Intermolecular Alkylarylation of Alkenes via Photoredox/Nickel Dual Catalysis
    华南理工大学 黄熙贤 朱能武 Journal of Hazardous Materials Mechanism insight into efficient peroxydisulfate activation by novel nano zero-valent iron anchored yCo3O4 (nZVI/yCo3O4) composites
    西北农林科技大学 李健 Kegong Ji Chemical Communications Gold(I)-catalyzed tandem cyclization of cyclopropylidene-tethered propargylic alcohols: an approach to functionalized naphtho[2,3-c]pyrans
    青岛科技大学 武法璞 周现锋,李志波 ACS Applied Materials and Interface Intriguing H‑Aggregates of Heptamethine Cyanine for ImagingGuided Photothermal Cancer Therapy
    青岛科技大学 牟雪璐尔 周现锋,刘斌,李志波 Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical A cyanine-derived near-infrared molecular rotor for ratiometric imaging of mitochondrial viscosity in cells
    四川大学 刘雄 辜海彬, 林炜,Didier Astruc Polymer Highly-branched amphiphilic organometallic dendronized diblock copolymer: ROMP synthesis, self-assembly and long-term Au and Ag nanoparticle stabilizer for high-efficiency catalysis
    四川大学 刘雄 辜海彬,王燕兰 REACTIVE & FUNCTIONAL POLYMERS Ferrocene-containing amphiphilic dendronized random copolymer as efficient stabilizer for reusable gold nanoparticles in catalysis
    四川大学 刘雄 辜海彬, 林炜,Didier Astruc CATALYSIS LETTERS Gold Nanoparticles Stabilized by 1,2,3-Triazolyl Dendronized Polymers as Highly Efficient Nanoreactors for the Reduction of 4-Nitrophenol
    吉林大学 杨国坚 张宇模 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces A Transparent Multidimensional Electrode with Indium Tin Oxide Nanofibers and Gold Nanoparticles for Bistable Electrochromic Devices


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 中国科学院重庆绿色智能技术研究院 胡定琴 陆仕荣 Energy environmentscience 15.34% Efficiency All-Small-Molecule Organic Solar Cells with Improved Fill Factor Enabled by a Fullerene Additive
    中国药科大学 刘娜、朱皖江 窦晓巍 ACS Catalysis Catalyst-Controlled Chemodivergent Synthesis of Spirochromans from Diarylideneacetones and Organoboronic Acids
    西安交通大学 李国平 Gang He Journal of Materials Chemistry A π-Extended chalcogenoviologens with stable radical state enable enhanced visible-light-driven hydrogen evolution and static/dynamic electrochromic displays
    北京理工大学 李帅 李鹏飞、王博 ACS Catalysis Fully Conjugated Donor–Acceptor Covalent Organic Frameworks for Photocatalytic Oxidative Amine Coupling and Thioamide Cyclization
    南开大学 李博 陈弓 Journal of the American Chemical Society Construction of Natural-Product-Like Cyclophane-Braced Peptide Macrocycles via sp3 C−H Arylation
    南昌大学 崔伟荣 邱建丁(Jian-Ding Qiu) Nature Communications Regenerable and stable sp2 carbon-conjugated covalent organic frameworks for selective detection and extraction of uranium
    南昌大学 崔伟荣 邱建丁(Jian-Ding Qiu) Angewandte Chemie International Edition Regenerable Covalent Organic Frameworks for Photo‐enhanced Uranium Adsorption from Seawater
    华中科技大学 邓培林 Bao Yu Xia Angewandte Chemie International Edition Metal-Organic Framework-Derived Carbon Nanorods Encapsulating Bismuth Oxides for Rapid and Selective CO2 Electroreduction to Formate
    III区优秀论文 四川大学 刘芳菲 辜海彬, Didier Astruc Journal of Colloid and Interface Science Dendronized triazolyl-containing ferrocenyl polymers as stabilizers of gold nanoparticles for recyclable two-phase reduction of 4-nitrophenol(高被引)
    吉林大学 陆星远 孙俊奇 CCS Chemistry Polymeric Complex Nanoparticles Enable the Fabrication of Mechanically Super-Strong and Recyclable Poly(aryl ether sulfone)-based Polymer Composites
    华南理工大学 黄熙贤 朱能武 Separation and Purification Technology Novel Au@C modified g-C3N4 (Au@C/g-C3N4) as efficient visible-light photocatalyst for toxic organic pollutant degradation: Synthesis,performance and mechanism insight
    四川大学 穆盛东 Haibin Gu applied organometallic chemistry Ferrocenyl amphiphilic Janus dendrimers as redox‐responsive micellar carriers
    四川大学 穆盛东 Haibin Gu Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry Supramolecular redox-responsive substrate carrier activity of a ferrocenyl Janus device
    四川大学 穆盛东 Haibin Gu polymer Antimicrobial AgNPs composites of gelatin hydrogels crosslinked by ferrocene-containing tetrablock terpolymer
    北京理工大学 李帅 李鹏飞、王博 ACS Applied Materials&Interfaces Enhanced Proton Conductivity of Imidazole-Doped Thiophene-Based Covalent Organic Frameworks via Subtle Hydrogen Bonding Modulation
    吉林大学 杨国坚 张宇模 Journal of Materials Chemistry C Highly stretchable electrochromic hydrogels for use in wearable electronic devices
    吉林大学 杨国坚 张宇模 New Journal of Chemistry Three primary color (cyan/magenta/yellow) switchable electrochromic devices based on PEDOT:PSS and ‘electrobase/electroacid’ theory
    兰州大学 贾朝玮 邬金才 Inorganic Chemistry Ring-Opening Alternating Copolymerization of O‑Carboxyanhydrides of Lactic Acid and Malic Acid Using Hafnium Alkoxide Initiators with Different Stereo Selectivities and Activities
    北京理工大学 高星 王博 ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces Synergistic Effects of Inorganic−Organic Protective Layer for Robust Cycling Dendrite-Free Lithium Metal Batteries


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 四川大学 唐敬华 曾小明 JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Reductive Cross-Coupling between Unactivated C(aryl)−N and C(aryl)−O Bonds by Chromium Catalysis Using a Bipyridyl Ligand
    上海交通大学 张冬久 李虹 Chemical Engineering Journal Superamphiphobic surfaces with robust self-cleaning, abrasion resistance and anti-corrosion
    中山大学 莫纯绍 余丁山 advanced science Alkene-Linked Covalent Organic Frameworks Boosting Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution by Efficient Charge Separation and Transfer in the Presence of Sacrificial Electron Donors
    北京师范大学 陈绪朗 Han-Yuan Gong (龚汉元) Journal of the American Chemical Society Regulating the Structures of Self-Assembled Mechanically Interlocked Moleculecular Constructs via Dianion Precursor Substituent Effects
    兰州大学 谢浩 舒兴中 Journal of the American Chemical Society Radical Dehydroxylative Alkylation of Tertiary Alcohols by Ti Catalysis
    大连理工大学 李杰 吕小兵 Journal of the American Chemical Society Development of Highly Enantioselective Catalysts for Asymmetric Copolymerization of meso-Epoxides and Cyclic Anhydrides: Subtle Modification Resulting in Superior Enantioselectivity
    大连理工大学 李杰 吕小兵 ACS Catalysis Development of Highly Enantioselective Catalysts for Asymmetric Copolymerization of meso-Epoxides and Cyclic Anhydrides: Subtle Modification Resulting in Superior Enantioselectivity
    华南理工大学 胡新伟 曾伟 ACS Catalysis Direct Carbon-Carbon σ Bond Amination of Unstrained Arylalkylketones
    陕西师范大学 齐倩倩 王长号 Nature Communications A Cu(II)–ATP complex efficiently catalyses enantioselective Diels–Alder reactions
    吉林大学 杨国坚 张宇模 Angewandte Chemie International Edition A multiple chirality switching device for spatial light modulators
    III区优秀论文 南开大学 裴春哲 王佰全 Organic Letters Ni-Catalyzed Direct Carboxylation of an Unactivated C-H Bond with CO2
    大连理工大学 李杰 吕小兵 PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Enantioselective terpolymerization of racemic and meso-epoxides with anhydrides for preparation of chiral polyesters


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 浙江大学 杨贯文 伍广朋 Journal of the American Chemical Society Scalable Bifunctional Organoboron Catalysts for Copolymerization of CO2 and Epoxides with Unprecedented Efficiency
    南京理工大学/北京生命科学研究所 杨超 齐湘兵、姜超 Journal of the American Chemical Society Chemoselective Cross-Coupling of gem-Borazirconocene Alkanes with Aryl Halides
    中山大学 梁耀宇 赵晓丹 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Enantioselective Construction of Axially Chiral Amino Sulfide Vinyl Arenes by Chiral Sulfide-Catalyzed Electrophilic Carbothiolation of Alkynes
    西南医科大学/药学院 张智杰 付强 ACS Catalysis Photocatalytic Intramolecular [2 + 2] Cycloaddition of Indole Derivatives via Energy Transfer: A Method for Late-Stage Skeletal Transformation
    III区优秀论文 五邑大学 何芊林 陈修文 Organic Letters Copper-Catalyzed Selective 1,2-Difunctionalization of N-Heteroaromatics through Cascade C-N/C=C/C=O Bond Formation
    上海交通大学 赵灿 张勇健 Chemical Communications Enantioselective total synthesis of furofuran lignans via Pd-catalyzed asymmetric allylic cycloadditon of vinylethylene carbonates with 2-nitroacrylates
    电子科技大学中山学院 林凯文 林凯文 Frontiers in Chemistry Electrochemical Synthesis and Electro-Optical Properties of Dibenzothiophene/ Thiophene Conjugated Polymers With Stepwise Enhanced Conjugation Lengths
    中科院重庆绿色智能技术研究院 廖志辉 Shirong Lu and Zeyun Xiao Macromolecules Thiazole-Functionalized Terpolymer Donors Obtained via Random Ternary Copolymerization for High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells
    云南大学 毕徐丹 高峰 Inorganic Chemistry Cyclometalated Iridium(III) Complexes as High-Sensitivity Two_x005fPhoton Excited Mitochondria Dyes and Near-Infrared Photodynamic Therapy Agents


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 山东大学 杨兴业 李敏勇,周育斌,王友军 Journal of the American Chemical Society Optical Control of CRAC Channels Using Photoswitchable Azopyrazoles
    华中科技大学 许帅飞 王成亮 Journal of Materials Chemistry A Branched conjugated polymers for fast capacitive storage of sodium ions
    南京理工大学/北京生命科学研究所 高亚东 Chao Jiang, Xiangbing Qi Chem Visible-Light-Induced Nickel-Catalyzed CrossCoupling with Alkylzirconocenes from Unactivated Alkenes
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 李俊龙 李青竹 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Radical Acylfluoroalkylation of Olefins through N-Heterocyclic Carbene Organocatalysis
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 曾荣 李俊龙,李青竹 ACS Catalysis Highly Diastereoselective Construction of 6,8-DOBCO Frameworks from Vinylethylene Carbonates via Metal-Organo Relay Catalysis
    浙江大学 杨贯文 伍广朋 Angewandte Chemie International Edition High‐Activity Organocatalysts for Polyether Synthesis via Intramolecular Ammonium Cation Assisted S N2 Ring‐Opening Polymerization
    广西大学 唐永和 林伟英 Nature Protocols Preparation of robust fluorescent probes for tracking endogenous formaldehyde in living cells and mouse tissue slices
    兰州大学 段继成 舒兴中 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Cross‐Electrophile Csp2–Si Coupling of Vinyl Chlorosilanes
    吉林大学 许银才 王悦/李成龙/魏金贝 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Constructing Charge‐Transfer Excited States Based on Frontier Molecular Orbital Engineering: Narrowband Green Electroluminescence with High Color Purity and Efficiency
    III区优秀论文 成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 刘悦 李俊龙 Organic Letters Highly Chemo- and Diastereoselective Construction of Quaternary Stereocenters through Palladium-Catalyzed [3 + 2] Cyclization of 5‑Alkenyl Thiazolones
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 张翔 王启卫、李俊龙 Organic Chemistry Frontiers Synthetic approach to skeletally diverse nitrogen heterocycles from dicyano-2-methylenebut-3-enoates
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 黄华 李俊龙/黄维 Organic Chemistry Frontiers Dearomative [4 + 2] annulations between 3-nitroindoles and enals through oxidative N-heterocyclic carbene catalysis
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 李青竹、张翔 李俊龙 Green Chemistry Diastereodivergent synthesis of cyclopropanes via on-water [2 + 1] annulations of diazo compounds with electron-deficient alkenes
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 张翔 韩波,彭芙 Chemical Science Regiodivergent construction of medium-sized heterocycles from vinylethylene carbonates and allylidenemalononitriles
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 戴青松 李俊龙 Chemical Communications Palladium catalysed cyclisation of vinylethylene carbonates and anhydrides: a new approach to diverse medium sized bislactones
    成都大学四川抗菌素工业研究所 何钰 李俊龙 ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS Diastereodivergent Formal 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition of 5-alkenyl thiazolones to Access Stereochemically Diverse Pyrrolidinyl Spirooxindoles
    吉林大学 许银才 王悦/张佐伦/魏金贝 Advanced Optical Materials Molecular-Structure and Device-Configuration Optimizations towards Highly Efficient Green Electroluminescence with Narrowband Emission and High Color Purity


    奖项 学校单位 作者 通讯作者 论文期刊 论文名称
    II区优秀论文 西北大学 谭博军 栾新军 Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. Palladium-Catalyzed Intermolecular [4+1] Spiroannulation by C(sp3)-H Activation and Naphthol Dearomatization
    福建物质结构研究所 马云龙 郑庆东 Angewandte Chemie Ladder‐Type Heteroheptacenes with Different Heterocycles for Nonfullerene Acceptors
    中国科学技术大学 于帮魁 黄汉民 Journal of the American Chemical Society Palladium-Catalyzed Ring-Closing Reaction via C−N Bond Metathesis for Rapid Construction of Saturated N‑Heterocycles
    南开大学 秦鹰 赵东兵 nature communications Silicon and Oxygen Synergistic Effects for Discovery of New High-Performance Nonfullerene Acceptors
    北京化工大学 郑良,李敬,于嫚嫚 徐福建,俞丙然,张现仁 Journal of the American Chemical Society Molecular Sizes and Antibacterial Performance Relationships of Flexible Ionic Liquid Derivatives
    西南大学 文巍;罗明静 文巍;欧阳勤;郭其祥 Nature Communications Diastereodivergent chiral aldehyde catalysis for asymmetric 1,6-conjugated addition and Mannich reactions
    武汉大学 李玉强 阴国印 Nature Communications Reaction scope and mechanistic insights of nickel-catalyzed migratory Suzuki–Miyaura cross-coupling
    浙江大学 张瑶瑶 伍广朋 Angewandte Chemie International Edition Scalable, Durable, and Recyclable Metal‐Free Catalysts for Highly Efficient Conversion of CO2 to Cyclic Carbonates
    湖南大学 张明毫 赵万祥,Peter J,Stang Angewandte.Chemie. International. Edition. Divergent and stereoselective synthesis of tetraarylethylenes from vinylboronates
    南京大学 徐文涛 谢劲/朱成建 Nature communications Late-stage trifluoromethylthiolation of benzylic C-H bonds
    天津大学 王琪 李淼淼、叶龙 Advanced Energy Materials Molecular Engineering and Morphology Controlcof Polythiophene:Nonfullerene Acceptor Blends for High-Performance Solar Cells
    湖南大学 王丹 谭蔚泓,王雪强,柯勇刚 ACS Nano Hierarchical Fabrication of DNA Wireframe Nanoarchitectures for Efficient Cancer Imaging and Targeted Therapy
    III区优秀论文 郑州大学 彭秋晨 李恺 J. Phys. Chem. C Aggregation/Viscosity-Induced Emission and Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Signal Inversion in a TICT System
    华南理工大学 王晓川 李萍 Central European Journal of Energetic Materials Synthesis and Curing of Allyl Urethane NIMMO-THF Copolyether with Three Functional Groups as a Potential Energetic Binder
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